The Allumski Sotry

Allumski is run by us, a husband and wife team also known as Nick and Anita (yes it's possible that a husband and wife can work together... LOL). If the name 'Allumski' sounds familiar its because we also do pageant photography including Miss Universe Canada, Canada's Perfect, Miss U.S. International and American Beauty. We like to say: Pageant Time is all the time.

But what most people don't know is that our secret love it t-shirts: cool t-shirts, funny t-shirts, loud t-shirts (that would be Anita), all kinds of t-shirts.  After some discussion and several bowls of popcorn (that would be Anita again), we finally decided to share our love of cool tees with the world.

Browse. Shop. Cry. Laugh. Rejoice. Eat some popcorn.

And if you see something that you almost like, drop us a line, maybe we can do something special just for you.